Apartment Facilities

It makes sense that apartments have something in them that people want/need or nobody would buy one. These are the facilites apartments offer

Gene Replicator (GeneRep, GenRep or GR)
The primary function of this device is to recreate your body if you die (using a previously stored genetic scan). It has two other functions, one is to recover your backpack (which is left at the location of your death) should you be unwilling or unable to collect it in person and the second is it allows you to 'teleport' between GenReps you have already activated. Personal use of a GenRep (teleporting or resurrection) results in Synaptic Impairment (the temporary reduction of you skills) and activation (required to use), backpack recovery or teleportation incurs a fee.

Go Guardian (GoGo, GoGu or GG)
This device allows you to store 40 items in it which are then available from any GoGo in the game

HomeTerm/CityTerm/R.N. Network/ R.N. Station
This device allows you to access the Neocron information network. Its functions are identical to the CityTerm units
you frequently encounter

Probably the #1 reason why people buy additional appartments. Each cabinet has a limited capacity, hence the need for more cabinets.

NOTE: Some apartments include cabinets with a different appearence (either double height or a completely different exterior) and some apartments also include 'Rotten Boxes' which can also be used for storage

Recreation Unit (Rec-Unit)
Strange name for this device since its basically a big, unmovable Medi Pack. Normally a runners first stop after a unscheduled trip through the GenRep.
NOTE: Not all apartments are equipped with this device.

Ah the privilages of being rich, some apartments include an Outfitter (the same as you find in the Rokkware retail chain).