Apartment Guide News

21-12-18 - Thomas Cooper Lab & Large Canyon Added!
The details & videos for the Thomas Cooper Lab & Large Canyon apartments have been added to the guide.

20-12-18 - More Video Tours Added!
Video Tours for Normal & Large Outzone Complex, Big Pepper Park, Plaza 2, Via Rosso 2 & 3 and Tech Haven Standard, 2 & 3 have been added.
Facilities of all those apartments also confirmed.
Checked some furniture & flower vendor prices, nothing appears to have significantly changed in price.

16-12-18 - Evolution 2.3.36
Apologies for the hiatus - I've not had much time yet to look at the new additions in 2.3 but here are the Apartment-related bits from the patch notes
A new retailer, Neokea, has moved into Viarosso Sector 3. They offer new ranges of luxury furniture available for Runner apartments
Apartment Broker (Plaza Sector 1) now sells furnished Plaza and Viarosso apartments
Fixed a map bug sending players to the wrong apartment lift when leaving Verizon Arcade apartments in Viarosso Sector 2

13-5-15 - Via Rosso Levels 2 & 3 confirmed
Facilities of Via Rosso Level 2 & 3 apartments confirmed.

3-2-15 - Diamond & Black Dragon Epic Videos Added
Video tours for the two Epic apartments have been added.

19-1-15 - Black Dragon Faction Supply Manager & Level 3 Plaza Apartment
Having reached 90 sympathy in Black Dragon I discovered they sell Outzone Apartment Complex apartments!
I also purchased Level 3 Plaza over the weekend so that is up to date and it's video tour has been added.

12-1-15 - Diamond Faction Supply Manager, Small Pepper Park Apartment & Black Dragon Epic details
Having reached 90 sympathy in Diamond I have been able to add the details of the apartments from the Faction Supply Manager. I also purchased Small Pepper Park over the weekend so that is up to date and it's video tour has been added.
Black Dragon Epic apartment details added.

The Diamond Clan Apartment cost has been used for all clan apartments as I expect them all to be the same.

4-1-15 - Starter Apartment Videos
I have replaced the screenshots for the starting apartments with videos.
Checked some furniture & flower vendor prices, nothing appears to have significantly changed in price.

28-12-14 - Evolution 2.2 patch 194
Sadly it doesn't look like Terra is coming back any time soon so I decided to bite the bullet and start again on Titan (not happy as this is the 2nd time I have lost characters).

I have verified as much of the guide as possible for patch 194:

PP1 & 3 Smuggler apartments and prices
Plaza 1 DRE vendor apartments and prices
Faction starting apartments

I haven't been through the furnishing vendor prices yet.

Again here are things I am currently unable to verify. If anyone is able to help with the following please let me know.

Apartments and prices from DRE Faction Supply Manager
All non-starting apartment facilities
Epic Run apartments
All Clan apartments

18-1-13 - Evolution 2.2 patch 178
"R2D2 Where have you been!"

I am in the process of verifying as much of the guide as possible for patch 178 I will list the confirmed elements below as they are completed:

PP1 & 3 Smuggler apartments and prices
Plaza 1 DRE vendor apartments and prices
Twilight Guardian starting apartment
Fallen Angels starting apartment
DRE starting apartment
Small Outzone apartment block facilities
Small Plaza apartment facilities

There are a couple of things I won't be able to verify until I can get back on Terra and a couple of things I am unable to verify. If anyone is able to help with the following please let me know.

Apartments and prices from DRE Faction Supply Manager
All non-starting apartment facilities
All Clan apartments details.

1-1-09 - Evolution 2.2 patch 168 & Free Play
Due to the current free play period I am able to update/verify elements of the guide again. Due to the relocation of the anti-city factions out of the Dome in patch 167/168 on 10-12-07 there have been several changes:

Existing DOY apartments for factions relocated to Neocron city have been placed in a new 'Outzone aparment complex' accessible near the GenRep in Outzone Station - I'm assuming that Fallen Angels DOY apartments went back to Tech Haven [no they didn't] and Twilight Guardian ones went back to the canyon - confirmation of these location and apartment type(s) are needed (i.e. did they stay DOY apartments?). It also needs to be confirmed what apartment types and locations new runners of anti-city factions now receive (I plan to do this on a different server as I'm using all 4 slots on Terra) and what about existing and new clan apartments of all anti-city factions?

Apartment Smuggler in PP3 now only sells apartments in the new Outzone apartment complex
New Apartment Smuggler in PP1 selling the original Outzone and Pepper Park apartments.

17-3-07 - Evolution 2.2
Well here I am again thanks to the free trial period of Evolution 2.2. I'll probably stick some commentry of Evo 2.2 in my blog like I did last time, in the meantime heres whats new and improved in the world of Neocron apartments.

All in all very little has changed (bear in mind my characters are broke and I hate grinding so not much of this can be personally verified), in fact the only thing that appears to have changed are some of the prices.

Most apartments, at least the furnished ones, have roughly the same price as they did last time I checked, however where previously most of the unfurnished ones were usually the same price as the furnished one, now alot more have an increased price tag (this only appears to have affected NC apartments as the DoY ones previously had different costs already). But having said that there does appear to have been some price drops for the furnished DoY apartments, but an increase for the unfurnished ones.

21-12-05 - Evolution 2.1
Well I'm back in game thanks to the free trial period of Evolution 2.1. I'll leave commenting on Evo 2.1 to my blog and stick to apartment stuff here.

I've completed the Diamon Real Estate (DRE) Epic in Neocron 2 now and can confirm the Storage Cell remains unchanged from Neocron 1, as such the guide entry is still accurate. I have to say though, having seen the screen shots of the Black Dragon apartment, the storage cell is now more of a disapointment that it was originally......

Tech support are still giving me the runaround with my other character transfers so I haven't been able to double check the info I have on DOY apartments and furniture (I'd make a throw-away character to check but 'sods law' says that tech support would try and transfer my other characters at the exact same time and it would all get messed up so I'm not going to risk it).

Since I'm trying to get my main guy back to NEXT now that I have finished the DRE epic I'd appreciate it if a player with a DRE runner with 90+ symp could give me an indication of the Via Rosso apartment prices.

23-6-05 - A[nother] little update
First of all a huge apology to [TgR]Killer, CMaster & Sakletare who kindly sent me updates for the site that I never got around to uploading to the site. Thanks for most of the info included in this update goes to them

Todays update includes more info on the Tech Haven level 3 apartment, details on the large Canyon apartment and a new entry for the Black Dragon epic run apartment

10-1-05 - A little update
Happy new year to you all, I hope you had a good holiday (god that sounds so politically correct!). Couple of updates this time: the 'new' Tech Haven level 3, some more detail and screenshots of the 3 non-clan Dome apartments and the large Canyon apartment. I've also heard a rumor that the furniture list has grown but I havent been able to verify that.

I nearly came back, honestly I nearly did, Tech Support told me the transfer tool was fixed and I was ready with my credit card in my hand - fortunately it turns out you can use the transfer tool on an inactive account so I was able to discover that the problem hasnt been fixed before paying for another month. Needless to say what with all the goings on with the game I'm not expecting them to fix this anytime soon (seem that expecting them to reply to emails is expecting too much actually) so therefore it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to update the guide first hand any time soon either. At least they didn't wipe the transfer database at the end of the year like they originally said they would.......

Finally congrats to all the apartment competition winners, I would have posted the winners here but since KK didn't consider that I might like to be involved I'm not in any rush to promote their events (or the winners thereof) - sorry guys

12-11-04 - Patches 120/121 released
Theres some new stuff in this patch that effects the apartment guide, specifically:

- Level 3 apartments may now be purchased in Tech Haven. (I suspect this will be the old FA Clan apartment)
- Added Barracks Officers to Military P1 selling Military Base apartments. (Dont really know what this means)

If any players out there can fill me in on the new details I'll update the guide. However there is also a current problem with apartments introduced in this patch.

- You can't change the password for newly bought apartments. We're checking what causes this.

8-11-04 - Goodbye Neocron 2
Today I cancelled my NC2 subscription. The main reason for this is due to an ongoing problem where I have only been able to transfer one of my NC1 characters to NC2 (the transfer tool only offers me male Psi Monk skins regardless of the characters gender or class). I reported this problem to support on October 7th and, I've been informed the person (only one?) who does the web interface is very busy and hasn't found the problem yet. Couple this with the fact that the DRE Epic has been broken for a while (the character I did get transfered is DRE) and you can probably understand where I'm coming from. I'm also pretty unimpressed with KK's attitude towards the community (specifically Fan Site Admins - see previous news) and finally the character wipe hit my main (the character with most of the apartments) incredibly hard - so hard in fact that I doubt I'd ever be able to recover (despite the fact KK said there would be no character wipe).

I appreciate that KK have alot of work to do on NC2 but I'm afraid I have little sympathy. I've been playing Neocron since beta 4 of Neocron 1 and the time that Neocron 2/Beyond Dome Of York took to get released was rediculous (when one considers the original timescale was 6 months after Neocron 1 went retail) - it was questionable that they increased the subscription fee (and some would also add to charge for a product that was originally touted as a free download) to then ship a half-finished product after all that time is unbelievable.

So where does this leave the guide? Well as a service to the players it will remain up, and will be updated if/when players let me know something needs to be added/changed. I'd consider re-subscribing to Neocron 2 if/when KK sort the transfer tool out (assuming they do this before the end of the year when the transfer ability is due to be removed).

6-11-04 - Official 'Best Interior Designer' Contest Announced!
Full details of the competition can be found here.

While I usually try and keep my personal 'political' feelings off this site (since its not the sites purpose) I have to say I'm disapointed that KK didnt give me a heads up on this, or try and involve the guide in anyway (such as asking me judge/publish screenshots of the winners/entrants or something). When NC2 launched I emailed KK to ask if they were able to give me any assistance in validating the guide contents but I never even got a reply. It's these things that make me think that KK don't care about their fan sites (despite the recent Fan Site kit) especially the smaller, more focused ones. Come on KK I know you are really busy right now but its the fans that will turn NC2 around for you..........

Finally, no I won't be entering. My character cannot simply afford to have a go at this - any cash I do come into will be spent on (re)purchasing apartments I had in NC1 and at that point I'd look at furnishing them. Good luck to everyone having a go though.

3-11-04 - More Updates!
Since the Military Base vendor is now working I was able to update the appropriate info. Also fixed some DOY info

28-10-04 - Furniture list published (coincidentally todays patch 'fixed' the fact that DOY furniture was on sale in Neocron City)
I know the formatting on this needs some work but I wanted to get it up ASAP as I know some people have been waiting for it.

29-9-04 - Neocron 2 Released
Due to the release of Neocron 2 (previously referred to as the 'Beyond Dome Of York' Expansion pack) the contents of this guide is out of date. Therefore certain data has been removed until it can be verified.

Also as a result this guide will no longer deal with the contents of the original Neocron game

In order to get the guide up to speed again I need to rely heavily on the playerbase - as you are no doubt aware there was a cash wipe during the character transfer and as a result, as well as losing all my apartments (and I nearly had them all) I dont have the cash to even replace one of them.

I'm primarily a roleplayer (hence my interest in apartments) and dont run missions constantly, coupled with my low rank I cant hunt for rare parts either (I tend to die alot). For those now wondering how I could afford nearly all the apartments the answer is that, after a previous event, Point Red was a rather good source of salvage tools for any hacker and these could be sold for respectable profit - unfortunately Point Red no longer provides this 'service'

To further complicate matters I have been unable to transfer 3 of my existing 4 characters to NC2 due to a transfer bug (the transfer tool wants to make them all male Psi Monks despite the fact that they aren't). This has reduced my access to the Dome to that of brand new characters (which I have to delete every time I test the transfer tool)