Once a thriving area of spacecraft construction & industry, now a burnt out shell. Even organised crime finds it hard to get a foothold between the mutants and the infestation of critters.

Sleazy Outzone Apartment

Run down and in need of repair, this apartment is typical of the Outzone, it may be small but its quite well lit. The downsides are the lack of cabinets and that it's abit of a trek to get to if you're a city dweller.

Facilities: Gene Replicator, Go-Guardian, Home Term, Recreation Unit, Cabinets (1)
Price: ~67,663 (Random, Furnished or Unfurnished)
Factions who start with this apartment: Brotherhood Of Crahn
Purchased from: Smuggler - Pepper Park 1
The bed is [now] a Recreation Unit!

Even though this apartment is the same price as the Sleazy Pepper Park appartment it takes much longer to get to it from the city centre. You may wish to consider this before purchasing an Outzone apartment.

Diamond Real Estate Storage Cell

The ultimate in storage? Maybe, but you have to admit the storage cell has alot of space. This is the reward for finishing the Diamond Real Estate epic run.

Facilities: Go-Guardian, Recreation Unit, Cabinets (15 - these are actually rotten boxes)
Price: Not available to buy (30,000 technically)
Factions who start with this apartment: None
Purchased from: Not available to buy
This 'apartment' (and I use the term loosely) is available by finishing the Diamond Real Estate epic run. I can confirm that this apartment is sometimes located in the Plaza (sector 3 near the Diamond HQ seems very common and that's where mine was in NC1).

I have listed a 'price' of 30,000 credits. This isn't actually for the apartment but is required to be spent during the Epic run, the final payout for the run more than covers this cost but you must have this amount of cash upfront to complete the run. What's ironic is that in the conversation you tell the guy that a run down Pepper Park apartment (which is what you are buying) isn't worth 30,000 credits, yet the cheapest Pepper Park apartment in the game is 70,000!!!!!!

Players have implied that this is the Pepper Park apartment mentioned above (I won't spoil the story for you if you haven't done it yet). This may not be true as the apartment mentioned in the run is always referred to as located in Pepper Park (as is the key you have to obtain for it) and I have never heard of the storage cell reward being located in Pepper Park, only Outzone and Plaza..